Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Products and services

Solid Red- mostly covered in red paint
Red- up to 50% paint
Faded Red- less than 50% paint
Super-faded Red- vague paint stain.
Weathered Grey- no paint.
Brown board: no paint, natural aged brown color, S1S (smooth one side) or R2S (rough two sides)

Sizes are Random, 7" ship lap, 9" ship lap, 11" ship lap, 8", 10", and 12"

Rough-back: saw marks on the back.

Siding comes in other colors from time to time.

Smooth shiplap brown board: no paint, either S1S, S2S, or R2S

Dimensional Mixed Hardwoods:

1x and 2x material not usually sorted by species. Species include maple, ash, elm, and oak.

Dimensional Oak: 1x and 2x material not usually sorted by white oak or red oak.

Dimensional 3x and 4x are sorted by species.

Dimensional Soft Woods: 1x and 2x, not usually sorted by species, just type. Occasionally sorted by pine or fir.

Hand Hewn Beams: Sorted Oak, Mixed Hardwood, or Pine

Rough Sawn Beams: Sorted by Oak, Mixed Hardwood, or Pine

Reason 4/4 blanks: sorted by Red Oak, White Oak, Mixed Hardwood, Elm, Ash, Maple,

Thresher Floor: sorted by White Oak, Oak, Mixed Hardwood, or Pine

Flooring: custom orders, 3"-7" wide, 1' to 8' long, T&G sides, end matching available, micro bevel available, stress relief back, smooth top/skip planed top.

Paneling: square edge, ship lap, or T&G.

Power washing, brushing, kiln drying, metal detecting, splitting, and other custom sawing/milling available.

Shipping available local, national, and international. Container loading available.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Steamboat Colorado Homes

Some of our flooring, siding, and dimensional lumber is being installed in multi-million dollar homes in Steamboat, Colorado.

The exterior has "Fancy Grey." The soffits have "mixed hardwood planks." The flooring in one home is skip-planed oak, and in the other, skip-planed mixed hardwood.