Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Products and services

Solid Red- mostly covered in red paint
Red- up to 50% paint
Faded Red- less than 50% paint
Super-faded Red- vague paint stain.
Weathered Grey- no paint.
Brown board: no paint, natural aged brown color, S1S (smooth one side) or R2S (rough two sides)

Sizes are Random, 7" ship lap, 9" ship lap, 11" ship lap, 8", 10", and 12"

Rough-back: saw marks on the back.

Siding comes in other colors from time to time.

Smooth shiplap brown board: no paint, either S1S, S2S, or R2S

Dimensional Mixed Hardwoods:

1x and 2x material not usually sorted by species. Species include maple, ash, elm, and oak.

Dimensional Oak: 1x and 2x material not usually sorted by white oak or red oak.

Dimensional 3x and 4x are sorted by species.

Dimensional Soft Woods: 1x and 2x, not usually sorted by species, just type. Occasionally sorted by pine or fir.

Hand Hewn Beams: Sorted Oak, Mixed Hardwood, or Pine

Rough Sawn Beams: Sorted by Oak, Mixed Hardwood, or Pine

Reason 4/4 blanks: sorted by Red Oak, White Oak, Mixed Hardwood, Elm, Ash, Maple,

Thresher Floor: sorted by White Oak, Oak, Mixed Hardwood, or Pine

Flooring: custom orders, 3"-7" wide, 1' to 8' long, T&G sides, end matching available, micro bevel available, stress relief back, smooth top/skip planed top.

Paneling: square edge, ship lap, or T&G.

Power washing, brushing, kiln drying, metal detecting, splitting, and other custom sawing/milling available.

Shipping available local, national, and international. Container loading available.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fancy Grey

1x12 naturally weathered pine. We call it "fancy grey."