Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Shades of White, and Oak

Super faded White has a white stain and most of the paint is chipped off. Any remaining paint is usually on the planks that were protected by the eves.

The photo below is "white."

The photo below is "super faded white."

The photo below is "super faded white."

The photo below is "super faded white."

The photo below is "Weathered grey" and "faded red."

The photo below is "super faded white."

The photos below are "2x6 oak."

Thursday, November 9, 2017

More walnut slabs

Shipping More Wood

Sometimes we ship a full semi load and it goes off easy. Sometimes we do special orders that take more running around than we originally planned. This week has been a combination of easy and complicated, but it's fun because the running around is in Amish country. Where else can you see three kids in a cart behind a pony on their way home from school?! (Although you're not supposed to photograph the Amish, this blurry pic probably won't break too many rules.)

Off went a load of Rough Back for a replica barn in Texas. Rough Back siding has original circle saw marks on the back. The patina is amazing and authentic. The only way to get like this is to be on the inside face of an exterior wall for about 100 years. We sort it by color and length, surface-dentil, package by 500 sqft-750 sqft, and then send it to new homes and barns.

Still available is about 4,000 sqft of Weathered Grey.

We also straight-lined and T&G'd a thousand sqft of Oak. This was a fun order, but getting enough Oak was challenging. Somebody in the US has been trying to buy up all the 1" and 2" oak they could find, which meant that the already short supply got shorter. I ended up meeting a guy from Missouri at a Walmart parking lot in LaCrosse to get the last few hundred feet of material. Then I had to pull the Amish millers out of their bow hunting tree stands and practically bribe them to finish the project. "But the deer are in rut and moving," was all I heard all week. When it comes to bow hunting, these guys are fanatics. (There's no artificial light in the Amish shop, so I snapped these photos as the wood was loaded on the truck bound for Texas.)