Thursday, September 28, 2017

12,000 bf of hand hewn beams

One of our favorite things to do is ship beautiful, 125-150 year old hand hewn beams. We roll each beam, then we roll them again. We look for integrity, squareness, straightness, and beauty. We scale them, tally them, scale and tally them again. Each beam is marked and inventoried. When we are done, our customers get what they asked for, which, in this industry... is rare.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Walnut and a really nice load of wood off to a really good customer

With a request for a 7,500 sqft 5" and 6" FAS Walnut floor, and not having enough kiln dried 4/4 FAS Walnut around here, I went to look at some.

6,000 sqft of faded red 12" siding. 6,000 bdft of 3x8 oak. A few beams up to 8x8x38'.