Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yesterday's Shipment

Yesterday we shipped a fun and challenging load of flooring, siding, and beams. The challenging part was the beams. Often the beam order goes like this: "Send us xx,xxx board feet of hand hewn beams." Those orders are easy. Once in a while, the beam order goes like this: "Send us 5x 6"x6"x12' white oak, 7x 8"x8"x17' pine, 14x 9"x9"x32' elm, etc. This order of hand hewn beams was a challenging puzzle. Somehow we managed to find them all within just a few weeks, even two 12"x12"x17' monsters!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Pine Roof Boards

There's about 80,000 bdft of 1" pine roof boards.

Thickness varies from 7/8"- 5/4". Random width 5"-14". Minimum length 4'. Average length 8'. Maximum length 16'.

Packs vary from 750 bdft to 1,500 bdft. All the planks are end-trimmed square.

Most of the planks are obviously circle-sawn.

Mostly de-nailed, but not guaranteed. Some boards have shake nails that are almost impossible to remove. The old nails have left an amazing patina of streaks and colors.

Species include white pine, yellow pine, fir, spruce, and tamarack. Surface colors vary from grey to shades of brown, with streaks of dark or light, and areas stained black. The wood is usually yellow when cut. I can easily call it "yellow pine," but this is more of a description than a technical classification.

The material is stored under cover.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hand Hewn Beams

When we're working on beam orders it's easiest to take video of the beams. These videos speak for themselves.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Barn Siding

365 sqft red barn siding. Random width. $2.35/sqft. 

445 sq feet 10" siding. $2.10/sqft.

655 sqft gray pine siding. Random width. $3.50/sqft. 

595 sqft gray pine siding. Random width. $3.50/sqft.

1,115 sqft rough back. 12". $2.35/sqft. 

1,400 sqft rough back white over red. $2.50/sqft.

750 sqft rough back. $2.35/sqft

600 sqft rough back. $2.35/sqft

850 sqft rough back. $2.35/sqft

430 sqft smooth back 12" wide $2.25/sqft

665 sqft faded pink smooth back $2.50/sqft

1,305 sqft rough back faded pink $2.50/sqft

130 sqft random width rough back $2.35/sqft

280 sqft random width gray pine $3.50/sqft

1,330 rough back blue over red $2.50/sqft

1,550 sqft rough back 10" $2.35/sqft

505 sqft rough back $2.35/sqft

505 sqft rough back $2.35/sqft

635 sqft rough back $2.35/sqft

635 sqft rough back $2.35/sqft

640 sqft super faded white over red $2.50/sqft

490 sqft rough back $2.35/sqft

735 sqft rough back $2.35/sqft

880 sqft rough back $2.35/sqft

1,205 sqft super faded yellow $2.50/sqft