Monday, May 1, 2017

Some siding getting prepped

The siding comes in from the barns in all kinds of condition. Some is perfect, some is cracked, broken, decayed, full of nails, and otherwise unpresentable. Each plank is inspected, graded, de-nailed, trimmed, and sorted.

"Red" is more than 50% paint.
"Faded Red" is less than 50% paint.
"Super Faded Red" has paint stains, but no paint that can be chipped off.
"Gray" has no visible paint or paint stains on the surface, but can have paint on the sides.
"Smooth-Back" has planed surfaces on both faces.
"Rough-Back" has saw marks on the back and is sold as "Rough-Back," regardless of paint.
We don't usually metal-detect the siding, but all visible nails are removed.
The siding is sorted by width and length. Once in a while an odd size plank squeezes in, as you can see in these pictures.

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