Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Siding, mixed hardwood 2x10s and 3x8s, reclaimed walnut, and 4/4 flooring blanks

On one side of the fence, re-sawed re-claimed pine. The guys took pine barn beams and sawed them into 4/4 planks. Then they nailed them to 8' high posts and let them gradually turn gray. There is about 6,000 square feet of this material.

On the other side of the fence is new Fancy Gray. This is new pine, nailed to the fence and allowed to weather for 6 years. Mostly 1"x12"x16'.

The boys harvest the wood by hand and transport it to the shed using a team of Percherons.

Then stack it into bunks of 1,000-1,400 square feet and store it inside until ready to ship.

It compares favorably to actual reclaimed gray pine siding.

Important Note: We only sell "Fancy Gray" as a newish product. It is obviously not actual reclaimed barn siding. It is just as expensive and just as popular.

Here we have a few thousand feet of mixed hardwood (maple, ash, elm) 3x8 planks. These recently arrived and are stored outside.

Mixed Hardwood 2x10. 900 bf. Strong circle saw mark patina. Excellent for flooring. 900 bf of 2x10s should make about 450 square feet of 8" wide flooring.

Reclaimed Walnut Beams. Approximately 3,000 bf. Perfect for mantles and re-sawing into blanks for furniture and flooring.

Siding and re-sawed 4/4 are stored under cover on one side. More siding, plenty of roof boards, and thresher floor is stored on the other side.

The flooring blanks are ready for the kiln. There is about 5,000 bdft of maple, a few thousand bf of mixed hardwood, and a couple of thousand feet of oak. You can buy the blanks and do your own milling, or contract with us for custom flooring.


  1. You should leave the word Barn out of your name , u sell reclaimed wood ! True Barn wood is 60 to 100 years old and is amazing it's something u can't make in a few years !

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