Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How We Do Business

A semi load of reclaimed wood can be $20,000 to $75,000.

We welcome buyers who want to inspect wood in person before agreeing to make a purchase. Sometimes people only want a few planks. Other times, buyers and brokers want as many semi loads as we can fill.

We take cash and personal checks for local sales less than $1,000. For orders bigger than $1,000, we prefer bank wire transfers. We do not take credit cards.

We will hold wood for good, established customers. Otherwise, we will not hold wood unless a substantial, non-refundable downpayment is received, or full payment is received.

Reclaimed wood is used. It might be over 100 years old. By the nature of the product, we can not make any quality guarantees. Even if we de-nail and metal-detect, we can not guarantee that there is no metal or other object in the wood that could harm a saw, planer, or other machine. We can not guarantee that every single plank or stick of wood is the exact species that was ordered- mainly because identifying reclaimed wood can be very difficult. Of course we can almost always tell the difference between soft-wood and hard-wood, but the difference between red oak and white oak can be subtle and extremely difficult to detect. Sometimes ash looks like oak. Maple can look like poplar. Sometimes, it's obvious. Other times, it is more difficult. Which is why we encourage customers and buyers to inspect the wood prior to purchase.

-rant on-

I'd like to say nice things about trust and lasting relationships, but right now I'm feeling the kind of sting you get when a new customer tries to take advantage of our desire to trust people. We are trusting, but we are not gullible enough to ship wood without payment. The internet allows people to try new schemes to steal material. No matter how the new kinds of thieves try, we will not ship wood without payment.

-rant off-


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