Thursday, August 18, 2016

I am helping sell about four million board feet of reclaimed barn boards and beams. I guess I'm now a reclaimed wood broker. At least until this wood is sold.
... except that after this is gone, there are another 80 barns that need to be dismantled. Which will be another million board feet, and it's going to take at least two years.

Many of the beams come from barns that were carefully dis-assembled, and can be re-assembled.

You find all kinds of things in old barns.

 Rough hewn hardwood barn beams

Steel barn hay rails.

2" hardwood barn boards.

Barn decorations.

3", 4", and 6" hardwood barn boards.

Barn beams.

More barn beams.

Barn siding and barn boards.

Barn tin with patina.

More barn timbers.

More barn beams.

More barn beams.

Red barn siding and rough hewn barn beams.

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